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Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group Ltd (the “Group” or “ZMBH”) is principally engaged in the ownership, operation and management of department stores and supermarkets in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) under the name “中闽百汇”. The first modern 中闽百汇 store was opened in Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province in 1997. Since then, the Group has expanded its footprint in Fujian to 11 self-owned stores and three managed stores, spanning an aggregate gross floor area of 181,700 sq m (153,300 sq m self-owned store GFA; 28,400 sq m managed store GFA ) as at 31 December 2018. The Group ventured into the outlet store operation and management business with the opening of its maiden outlet store, Changsha Sasseur (ZMBH) Outlets, in Changsha City, Hunan Province in December 2018.

The Group’s revenue comes from four sources, namely, direct sales, commissions from concessionaire sales, rental income and income from managed rental. Supermarket sales forms the bulk of direct sales. Concessionaire commissions are derived from the tenants in the department store area paying a portion of their sales to the Group. Rental income comes mainly from the F&B outlets in our stores. Managed rental income comes from department store tenants paying fixed rental charges.

ZMBH was incorporated in Singapore on 17 September 2004, listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange (“SGX”) on 20 January 2011 and subsequently transferred to the Mainboard on 3 September 2013.

The Group has two self-owned stores in Xiamen City, Fujian. The flagship Wucun Store, 28,700 Wucun Store, located in a busy commercial district near the Xiamen Railway Station, has the largest underground shopping mall in Xiamen. The Group has a strong presene in Quanzhou, with a total of ten stores (eight self-owned and two managed stores) occuping gross sales area of 111,900 sqm self-owned stores). In addition, the Group has a managed store in Zhangshou and a self-owned store in Putian.

With nearly 20 years of strong retail reputation under the “中闽 百汇” brand, the Group offers a pleasant shopping experience with a wide variety of quality merchandise, lifestyle products and customer-oriented services catering to the middle income consumers. All the stores have sizeable modern supermarkets, offering fresh produce and an extensive range of products. By developing strong relationships with well-known international and domestic brands, the Group constantly optimizes its product mix to bring more value to its consumers. The Group adheres to the principles of Unity, Dedication, Faithfulness and Service (团结、敬 业、忠诚、服务) to our employees, customers and community. Zhongmin Baihui aims to offer quality goods and services to its customers with a spirit of innovation. ZMBH was named as a top ten brand enterprise in Quanzhou in the year 2015 as a testament to the high quality of service and customer satisfaction that the Group provided.

In line with rising consumption levels and increased tourist arrivals to Fujian, the Group will continue its expansion plan through the opening of new stores, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. The Group will continue to seek out suitable sites both within and beyond Fujian to set up new department stores and supermarkets, and build up the network and brand equity of Zhongmin Baihui, with the goal of establishing itself as the leading department store chain in Fujian and beyond.

中闽百汇零售集团是一家投资、经营与管理百货商场及超市为一体的大型 零售集团,经营范围位于中华人民共和国境内。自1997 年于福建省泉州市 安溪县开设第一家“中闽百汇”商场起,集团不断扩大其在中国的业务, 目前已有十一家自营商场和三家管理商场,截至到2018 年12 月31 日, 总经营面积达到181,700 平方米( 其中自营商场为153,300 平方米,管理 商场为28,400 平方米)。2018 年12 月,集团于湖南省长沙市开设并经营 首家奥特莱斯——长沙砂之船(中闽百汇)奥莱。

集团的收入主要来自于“自营”、“联营”、“租赁”和“承包”。超市 营业额构成了主要自营收入。联营收入来自于百货区域内上交集团的部分 营业额,租赁收入则主要来自于商场内的餐饮商铺,而百货商铺的固定租 金则构成了集团的承包收入。

中闽百汇零售集团于2004 年9 月17 日在新加坡注册成立,并于 2011 年1 月 20 日在新加坡挂牌上市。本集团随后于2013 年9 月3 日从凯利板块升级至主板。

集团目前在福建省厦门市拥有两家自营商场。梧村店作为集团旗舰店,经营 面积达28,700 平方米,坐落在繁华的厦禾路上,紧邻厦门火车站,是目前 为止厦门最大的地下购物中心。集团还在泉州市拥有十家商场(八家自营店, 二家管理店),总经营面积为111,900 平方米( 自营店为94,600 平方米)。 此外,集团还有一家在莆田市仙游县的自营店和一家在漳州市的管理店。

集团经营“中闽百汇”品牌将近20 年,期间不断为中等收入顾客提供多元 化的优质商品、生活用品,为顾客带来了舒适的购物体验。集团所有门店 均配备有规模可观的现代化超市,提供新鲜的农产品以及多种多样的商品。 通过与国内外知名品牌商的合作,不断优化产品结构,旨在为顾客带来更 多产品价值。集团本着“团结、敬业、忠诚、服务”的原则,善待员工、 服务顾客、回报社会。中闽百汇旨在以创新的精神为顾客提供优质的商品 及服务。集团于2016 年被评为 “2015 年度十佳市民最喜爱的品牌企业”, 顾客的高满意度是对我们优质服务的肯定。

随着消费水平的不断提高,以及到访福建省内的国内外游客日益的增加,中 闽百汇计划通过开设新商场、合资及策略联盟等方式,继续在省内外寻找 合适的场所开设购物中心及中小型民生超市,并致力于品牌的拓建,打造“中 闽百汇”知名品牌,努力实现其成为福建省内乃至全国范围内连锁百货领 先者的愿景。